ALUMINOR manufactures a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser!

To participate in the collective effort in this unprecedented period, we have just entered into a partnership with an industrialist in our region to manufacture distributors of hydroalcoholic gel on foot, 100% French .

This dispenser is suitable for all sites open to the public. Its sober and discreet design fits everywhere.

It is very easy to install and can be fixed to the ground. Aluminum, anti-corrosion treated and lacquered in gray, its maintenance is very easy.
The distribution of gel takes place by the action of the elbow or the forearm.
Hydroalcoholic gel refills can be supplied by us but this dispenser can be used with all 500 ml or 1000 ml cans with a dispensing spout with a maximum diameter of 90 mm.

It already equips certain tram stations in the city of Nice!

Contact us: we will answer all your questions!