ALUMINOR became a Mission Company in December 2022

It is a source of pride for the entire ALUMINOR team

and a strong commitment to the future.

After more than 2 years of teamwork, ALUMINOR has become a new type of company which has general interest objectives in addition to the economic objectives defined in its development strategy.

It is a new type of company which gives itself, in addition to its economic dimension, a mission of general interest.

  • A Business with a Mission defines and publicly affirms its Purpose.
  • It sets itself environmental and societal objectives which it sets itself the task of pursuing within the framework of its activity.
  • It includes in its statutes the objectives of general interest that it has defined.
  • It agrees to be monitored by a third party who will assess the actions taken to achieve the commitments made.

ALUMINOR has engaged in reflection and collective work to define its Purpose in 2020.

To begin with, several workshops were organized internally, with the entire ALUMINOR team to identify our strengths, our weaknesses, our DNA, our differentiating elements and together chart a desirable path for ALUMINOR.

Then we invited our external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) to join in our reflections. Their insights and contributions were extremely valuable.

From this work carried out in collective intelligence was born the Purpose of ALUMINOR: "To contribute together to illuminate our daily lives by our French know-how by creating personalized and eco-responsible offers, at the service of all".

On the strength of this work, its lessons, the priorities thus defined, we continued our journey to arrive at the end of 2022 at this new status of Company with a Mission.

The 4 objectives that ALUMINOR has defined within the framework of its new status of Company with a Mission are the following:

  • Create and manufacture luminaires adjusted to the needs of our customers and develop a personalized offer.
  • Cultivate our know-how and grow the ALUMINOR team.
  • Build cooperation with all of our stakeholders.
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of our products and our activities.

These objectives are fully consistent with the strategic objectives of the company and the actions already implemented.

“For us, it is a way of reaffirming the course, of formalizing the commitments made, of also challenging ourselves since a third-party organization will regularly assess the actions that we have implemented to achieve our objectives. It is both the culmination of all the work carried out as a team since the takeover of the company and the start of a new, even more ambitious stage." says Richard BARBETT.