A nice story

Founded in 1950, the ALUMINOR company specializes in the creation, manufacture and marketing of interior lighting, whether for the office or for decoration.


ALUMINOR is one of the oldest French manufacturers of interior lighting and…one of the last still in operation, with manufacturing lines in France!

In the 1970s, ALUMINOR had up to 80 employees and produced more than 100,000 luminaires per year.

Then the heirs of ALUMINOR decided to favor imports of lights, in particular desk lamps, to the detriment of lights manufactured in its workshops.

The adventure continues

This family business was bought in 2018 by Richard BARBETT and Vincent OVERNEY.

Since the takeover of ALUMINOR, the strategy has once again been to favor French manufacturing and to limit imports of lighting fixtures as much as possible.

Responsible manufacturing

This development of the manufacture of luminaires in the ALUMINOR workshops near Nice is combined with the implementation of an ambitious CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy , in particular to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible.

A committed team

The current ALUMINOR team is doing everything possible to write exciting new pages in the history of this "industrial nugget of our region"!