Our values

What drives us on a daily basis?

Listening to our customers and offering them lights that meet their desires and needs, creating solid partnerships with our suppliers, innovating, developing French manufacturing, integrating our stakeholders into the sustainable development of ALUMINOR, these are the values ​​that drive us.

The entire ALUMINOR team bends over backwards to:

- you offer quality luminaires, designed to last,
- engage in beautiful lighting creation projects to imagine comfortable and warm spaces where it is good to live and work,
- develop French manufacturing with our French lamp brand Par ALUMINOR , - innovate for sustainable development

These are the values ​​that drive us and that we want to share with you!


Committed to the ecological transition:

Produce “better with less”!

We have taken several actions to:

- design more virtuous luminaires from an environmental and energy point of view,
- imagine eco-designed lights,
- allow the repairability of the luminaires of our French lamp collection by ALUMINOR
- guarantee all of our lights in the range " the French lamp By ALUMINOR " 5 years (under normal conditions of use),
- reduce the amount of waste we generate,
- choose more virtuous packaging from an environmental point of view,

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is on track and its implementation has started well!

Committed to its territory:

ALUMINOR is involved in the economic life of the PACA region through active membership and strong involvement in various organizations: EVP (Association of Companies in the Valleys of the Paillons) , UPE 06 , Place Business . 

Committed to its peers:

through active membership and strong involvement within the GIL (lighting union) , the IUMM , the Ameublement français .

Committed to promoting French manufacturing:

As a member of Ameublement français , ALUMINOR contributes to the promotion of French trades and know-how and is committed to the #meublezvousfrançais campaign, which gives consumers the opportunity to discover and buy quality production. and committed to employment and the environment on the national territory. A great initiative that highlights French products as well as their positive societal and environmental impacts!

Committed to causes close to her heart:

ALUMINOR is a partner of the association for the fight against breast cancer “ Le Ruban Rose ”.