Eco conception

As part of the deployment of our CSR strategy, we now want to design luminaires with less impact on the environment. For this, we have formed an internal team and set up a project to eco-design our first light.

Objectives of this project:

-collectively build skills on eco-design,

-evaluate the environmental impact of one of our luminaires,

- innovate and completely eco-design a light,

- validate its acceptability on the market,

- make the necessary adjustments,

-acquire, master and deploy the methods and processes to reproduce the approach implemented on other luminaires in our collections.

ADEME is supporting us in this process and we have been supported by the Ecodesign Center and the Revalue Systems design office.

To start, an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment):

We chose to work on an existing floor lamp in our collection.

A "Life Cycle Analysis" of the first version of this street lamp has been carried out. From the extraction of the raw materials necessary for its manufacture, through the various manufacturing stages of the luminaire and its components, its transport, its storage, its use and until its end of life: all the impacts have been analyzed and measured by experts according to a method proven at European level.

Innovate to progress:

In view of the results thus obtained, we have identified the most impacting points, seek the most relevant technical solutions to reduce these impacts and innovate to obtain the most significant results possible.

Present to validate:

We made a prototype that we presented to our customers and exhibited on our stand at two trade shows.

The welcome was enthusiastic and our partners and customers were won over and impressed by the extent of the work carried out and the innovations developed.

Adjust to perfect:

We have made the final necessary adjustments based on feedback from our customers and prospects.


And today we are proud and happy to integrate into our offer and market the first completely eco-designed lamp: the TRIO2 floor lamp.