Press release of May 18, 2020

                                              Tales, May 18, 2020


ALUMINOR is reinventing itself to move on from the crisis
What if cooperation between manufacturers was a relevant solution to get out of the crisis?
The health crisis has forced ALUMINOR to cease its activity for a time. Indeed, its customers hotels, restaurants, architects, decoration and lighting stores and distributors of office equipment were almost all at a complete standstill.
But very quickly, through contacts and exchanges between local economic players, links were forged and opportunities for industrial cooperation emerged.
The current unprecedented situation pushes us to find new sources of activity. Thus, we have just concluded a partnership with an industrialist in our region, ORSTEEL, to manufacture hydroalcoholic gel dispensers on foot, 100% French . This dispenser is suitable for all sites open to the public. It is very simple to install and maintain and already equips some tram stations in the city of Nice! says Richard BARBETT, CEO of ALUMINOR for 18 months.
“With this first partnership, we want to offer our know-how and our production tool to other manufacturers to optimize their use and thus establish lasting relationships. In addition, the search for optimal use of our production tool is perfectly consistent with the CSR initiatives that we have undertaken.
In this very special time, we are trying to reinvent ourselves, to move the lines and we are convinced that cooperation between economic players can be an effective solution. concludes the CEO.
Created in 1950, the ALUMINOR company was bought in 2018 by Richard BARBETT and Vincent OVERNEY. Based in Contes (06), it specializes in the creation, manufacture and marketing of interior lighting, whether for the office or for decoration. ALUMINOR offers all types of lighting, namely lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and suspensions. The company develops its own products and also manufactures specific luminaires for its customers.
Press contact: Florence BARBETT 06 13 80 09 46