ALUMINOR becomes a Company with a Mission

ALUMINOR is very happy and very proud
to announce that it is becoming a Company with a Mission .

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is at the heart of ALUMINOR's development strategy: waste reduction, redesign of packaging, eco-design of a first luminaire, definition of ALUMINOR's Purpose with all of its stakeholders ( employees, customers, suppliers, partners, etc. )…several actions have already been successfully implemented.

Others are being developed: repairability offer for lights manufactured in our workshops in Nice, tailor- made creation and manufacturing offer, etc.

Today, by becoming a Company with a Mission , the team's ambition is even greater.

It is a new type of company which gives itself, in addition to its economic dimension , a mission of general interest .

  • A Business with a Mission defines and publicly affirms its Purpose .
  • It sets itself environmental and societal objectives which it sets itself the task of pursuing within the framework of its activity.
  • It includes in its statutes the objectives of general interest that it has defined.
  • It agrees to be monitored by a third party who will assess the actions deployed to achieve the commitments made.

The 4 objectives that ALUMINOR has defined within the framework of its new status of Company with a Mission are the following:

  • Create and manufacture luminaires adjusted to the needs of our customers and develop a personalized offer.
  • Cultivate our know-how and grow the ALUMINOR team.
  • Build cooperation with all of our stakeholders .
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of our products and our activities.

These objectives are fully consistent with the strategic objectives of the company and the actions already implemented.

For us, it's a way of reaffirming the course , of formalizing the commitments made , of challenging ourselves as well, since a third-party organization will regularly assess the actions that we have implemented to achieve our objectives. It is both the culmination of all the work carried out as a team since the takeover of the company and the start of a new, even more ambitious stage . » says Richard BARBETT, CEO of ALUMINOR