How to make up for the lack of light linked to the change of season?

The dwindling sunshine duration, the fall weather and the change to winter time combine to generate a lack of light that can have consequences on our mood and our health.

But here are some enlightened tips that will allow you to use the light to spend the winter in great shape and with good spirits!

1°/ Try to take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine. This exposure to natural light will do you a world of good!

2°/ Natural light is the best source of lighting. Therefore, sit as often as possible in front of or next to a window to take advantage of the daylight.

3°/ It's also time to rethink your lighting . Treat yourself to beautiful lights that diffuse light adapted to your needs, whether for working, cooking, reading or resting. Well chosen, a luminaire considerably improves the visual comfort, the general atmosphere of a room and therefore your well-being and your mood!

4°/ And since we spend a certain amount of time in front of a desk or a table, choose the lights in your workspaces with great care.

The desk lamp should provide precise light without distorting colors or producing dazzling light. It must also direct the light exactly where it is needed and have several axes of rotation for this purpose.

A minimum illumination of 500 lux on the work surface is generally recommended. However, some studies show that lighting levels above 1,000 lux contribute to a more pleasant working atmosphere that is more conducive to concentration. The color temperature also plays a decisive role, with optimal values ​​around 4500 Kelvin.

Some desk lamps are now equipped with a system that allows the intensity and color temperature to be adjusted according to need.

Other lights offer circadian lighting (also called biodynamic). They reproduce the sunlight according to the time of day, the season and the location of the luminaires by varying the intensity as well as the color temperature of the light to adapt as best as possible to the biological rhythm. of the body.

Our BOB , EUREKA , ORBIT , SIGMA or STARGLASS desk lamps are equipped with technologies that allow you to adapt the quantity and qualities of light you need.

Discover all our collections of table lamps , floor lamps and desk lamps : you will certainly find the lights that will suit your living spaces and will almost make you forget that we have changed seasons!