Portrait of the month: Manon, designer and product manager at ALUMINOR

Originally from the west of France, I came to settle in Nice to work at ALUMINOR as a designer and product manager . It was a great professional opportunity and the opportunity to discover a new region and explore new horizons.

Before working at ALUMINOR, I obtained a master's degree from the Nantes design school , after a bachelor's degree in product design. I have a double degree from a design school and an engineering school. I really wanted to have this dual technical and design skill, to work in a company as close as possible to the field.

Your job at ALUMINOR

I have several missions at ALUMINOR: the creation and development of luminaires , from the design to the realization of the prototype, the production and until the placing on the market. I also work on the management of hospitality, architectural or product development tender projects in partnership with external designers. I am in contact with our suppliers and our customers for development projects.

What do you like about your job?

What I like most about my job at ALUMINOR is the versatility of the position . The missions are varied and the projects are all different. In the lighting sector, the field of possibilities is very wide: you can work with a wide variety of materials, shapes, concepts, etc.

I also appreciate the proximity to production which allows me to better understand the manufacturing constraints, to follow the complete development of the product and to have the possibility of carrying out prototyping tests very quickly.

Furthermore, I am in contact with the entire ALUMINOR team. I really appreciate this diversity of interlocutors , this need to exchange to better understand the constraints of each.

Finally, the lighting eco-design project that we have undertaken as a team also excites me a lot. The possibility of working on a project as a team, each bringing their own vision and skills, is very motivating.

The 3 things that characterize me

My dynamism , I like things to move forward! I am also a very organized person. Finally, I enjoy working in a team with a variety of people.


What you like to do when you get home

After 18 years of rhythmic gymnastics, as a gymnast then coach and judge, I discovered athletics when I arrived in Nice. Running is a great way to discover the local landscapes and enjoy the seaside.

I also like to travel a lot. Going backpacking to discover a country, a culture and different people in an authentic way is a real pleasure.

Finally, I am ultra greedy and I love chocolate. Ask everyone at ALUMINOR: I can't refuse a square of chocolate!