“We tell you everything!” 😉

What materials do we use

to make our lighting fixtures and why?

With this new series of blog articles, we will reveal to you over the months, information on our manufacturing methods.

To start this new series: what materials do we use to make our lighting fixtures and why?

At ALUMINOR, we mainly use metal and wood to make our lighting fixtures . These materials are noble, resistant and durable. They offer a wide range of possibilities. All the creativity of our designers can thus be expressed! 😉

Metal and wood combine perfectly and allow us to create and manufacture lighting fixtures in a wide variety of styles to the delight of our customers.

To give a pure and homogeneous style to some of our lighting fixtures , we imagine all-metal lighting fixtures or all-wood lighting fixtures (or almost).

* Wood is the natural and authentic material par excellence. It allows you to manufacture warm and timeless lighting fixtures for soft and warm decorations and very trendy Scandinavian-style and inspired lighting fixtures . The different types of wood available provide an interesting diversity of colors and finishes, even if we always make sure to choose European and sustainably managed species as a priority.

*Metal brings together robust and timeless materials. It occupies a special place in all styles of decoration whatever the era! Metal is perfect for making industrial style lighting, for example. The range of paint colors available allows real customization of lighting fixtures and offers great freedom of creation and adaptation to the needs and desires of our customers. Metal is generally extremely easy to maintain, which is an added advantage! Finally, many metals are easy to recycle at the end of the life of the luminaire.

At ALUMINOR, we also often combine metal and wood. This combination of different and complementary materials allows us to create harmonious and original lighting fixtures that find their place in extremely varied interior and decoration styles.

Robustness, resistance, authenticity, diversity, durability...all qualities that motivate us to work primarily with wood and metal to offer our customers quality lighting fixtures, adapted to their needs and desires!