Our PERLE collection

We are happy to present an exceptional project. Welcome to the world of luminous elegance with our PERLE lighting collection.

This collection mainly consists of two lighting fixtures :

  • a table lamp ,
  • a floor lamp – very original suspension ,

This collection of exceptional lighting fixtures is unique. PERLE lighting fixtures were designed by our designers to create sublime lighting thanks to their superb diffusing spheres.

PERLE table lamp:

The PERLE table lamp is a centerpiece of the collection. It is distinguished by its diffusing sphere held between two painted metal spacers. This polyethylene sphere rests on a varnished brushed brass foot. The brass of the foot and the base adds a lot of elegance to this original lamp , for a perfect balance of the whole.

PERLE floor lamp – suspension :

The PERLE floor lamp - suspension is made up of three diffusing spheres. Each is held between two painted metal spacers. These polyethylene spheres are connected together by an elegant brushed varnished brass tube. This extremely original light fixture represents a garland of luminous beads which connects the sky to the earth, the floor to the ceiling.

This collection of lighting fixtures was created to enhance a very particular space and provide it with soothing and warm lighting with extraordinary lighting fixtures.

Each of these lights can be adapted for other places, other contexts, other desires...

Contact us to find out more: contact@aluminor.fr