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Like the TRIO1 floor lamp, the TRIO2 floor lamp seduces with its asymmetrical design and the combination of materials used. It immediately catches the eye with its atypical style. Very practical, this light combines several functions: light , tablet and charger. It is ideal in a living room, a waiting room or a reception hall!

 TRIO2, the first 100% eco-designed lighting!

 Ecodesign, what is it?

Ecodesign is the integration of environmental aspects from the design of a product, with the aim of reducing its environmental impacts throughout its life cycle with equivalent service provided.

We decided to choose a lighting fixture from our collections, in this case the TRIO1 floor lamp, to identify and measure all of its environmental impacts and to experiment with as many innovations as possible to reduce these impacts.

This TRIO1 floor lamp is equipped with several features: a lighting function, it is also equipped with a tablet and 2 USB ports.

To start, an LCA (Life Cycle Analysis)

The Ecodesign Center therefore carried out the LCA of the TRIO1 floor lamp for us and measured all of its impacts on the environment, at each stage of its life from the extraction of the raw materials necessary for its manufacture until its end of life. life.

Impacts of the materials used to manufacture it, impacts linked to its manufacturing depending on production methods, impacts of its packaging, its transport, its storage, its use, its possible repair to extend its lifespan and up to its recycling or disposal at the end of its life: everything has been screened using a XXXXXXX method

The most impactful life stages of this luminaire

 The lightbulbs :

The LCA of TRIO 1 made it possible to determine that the stage of its life with the greatest impact on the environment corresponds to its use phase.

The cause is the blisters! Their composition and energy consumption have a high impact on the environment and represent 92% of greenhouse gas emissions over the entire lifespan of the TRIO1 floor lamp.

The quality of our lighting fixtures gives them a very long life…which therefore requires several bulbs.

Note: the TRIO1 floor lamp is sold without a bulb. Our only lever of action is to advise our customers on choosing the most suitable bulb for optimized lighting. (link to the instructions “Tips and tricks for choosing the right bulb for your TRIO2 floor lamp” )


Packaging accounted for 40% of non-use greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the innovations we have made on the lampshade and 3D printing, we have reduced the volume of the packaging by 80%.

Environmental gains: 51% fewer greenhouse gas emissions for packaging.

The tablet

The steel shelf represented 24% of greenhouse gas emissions outside of use.

We managed to reduce the quantity of steel by 83% by using a mixture of agro-sourced polymer loaded with wood fibers, shaped using 3D printing. A metal plating is positioned above the disc made in 3D printing to preserve the original spirit of the wood/metal design of the floor lamp.

Manufacturing the disc in 3D printing also allows you to simply insert the legs of the floor lamp under the tablet. Consequence: they are separated from the tablet in the packaging! This makes it possible to optimize packaging and reduce its weight by 54%.

Finally, 3D printing allowed us to design a hatch for easy access to the USB port and its connections, making its possible repair much easier and thus extending the lifespan of the luminaire.

Environmental gains:

61% less steel on the luminaire structure.

44% less weight of the packaged luminaire.

55% less packaging weight.

USB ports

The 2 electronic modules including the USB ports represented 7% of greenhouse gas emissions excluding use. These modules contain rare metals with a strong negative impact on the environment relative to their size and weight.

By surveying our customers, we found that a USB port was sufficient in 98% of cases. We therefore decided to equip the floor lamp with a single USB port.

Environmental gains : 50% less impact on this function

The lampshade

The lampshade represented 6% of greenhouse gas emissions excluding use

The impacts of the lampshade were mainly the polyphane canvas and the significant packaging volume, necessary to protect it and ensure its storage and transport in good conditions.

We have not found satisfactory solutions to replace polyphane.

On the other hand, we have developed an extremely innovative lampshade. A strip of polyphane fabric clips onto two metal circles equipped with simple hooks.

Environmental gains: this innovation reduces the volume of lampshade packaging by 80%, it requires less volume to transport and store and therefore avoids CO 2 emissions.

 This is how the TRIO2 floor lamp was born!

All these innovations combined make it possible to reduce

the environmental impacts of the TRIO2 street lamp by 45%

on the Climate Change criterion in relation to the TRIO1 street lamp.


From now on, ALUMINOR luminaires will no longer be designed as before.

This light fixture is sold without a bulb, find the one that suits your needs here .




Ø 33cmx Ø 38cmx25cm








E27 socket (bulb not included) 12W max


Metal / varnished wood / bonded cotton

Installation instructions