Tips and tricks for saving energy

Do you want to give your light decoration a facelift without blowing up your energy bill? Choosing lights adapted to your needs and desires and adopting a few simple actions will allow you to reduce your electricity bill. For top-of-the-line lights that are both decorative and energy efficient, here are some tips and tricks to stay calm when pressing the switch.

Lighting is a central element of interior decoration. A pretty table lamp here, a floor lamp at the end of the sofa, a beautiful pendant lamp above a table or some nice wall lights as headboards and your decoration is transformed!

If you are a fan of light fixtures , even if lighting is generally no longer the most electricity-consuming item in a home, it can be interesting to choose your electricity supplier carefully to control your bill. Online price comparisons are free and will save you a lot of time.

How to choose a light while remaining eco-friendly?

If you really want to adopt an "ecological" behavior, it is from the purchase of your luminaire that you must act. The ideal is to choose an eco-designed luminaire . Choose lights designed to last and made in France. Choose lights made with durable and resistant materials such as metal and wood for example.

Favor repairable, easily removable luminaires whose spare parts remain available from the manufacturer. And of course, make sure that the manufacturer really has workshops in France to manufacture and repair its luminaires and thus avoid CO2 emissions linked to transport.

It is then necessary to carefully choose the light source (bulb) adapted to the luminaire and to your lighting needs. Depending on the model chosen and its power, the bulb will have more or less impact on the environment. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are now prohibited because they consume too much energy. Fluo-compact bulbs (or low consumption) have replaced them. But the champion in all categories is the LED bulb! Its energy consumption is the lowest of all bulbs available on the market. It will allow you to save a lot of energy! For example, if you select an E14 8W LED bulb, it will consume about half the energy of a compact fluorescent bulb, all for the same light intensity!

Simple actions to save energy

Adopt a few very simple gestures: your lights may be magnificent and your decoration hyper design, there is no need to leave the lights on: remember to turn off lamps , floor lamps , wall lights and pendant lights as soon as you leave a room!

And if in addition you only light the luminaires you need: hop, it's new savings for you and positive consequences for the planet!

You can also decide to take out a “green” electricity subscription. This electricity is produced from renewable energy sources.

Finally, who says reduction in electricity consumption, says reduction in the energy bill!

Choose your lights carefully, adapt the light source to your needs and adopt a few simple gestures: the planet will thank you and your wallet too!