Time change: how can we meet our light needs?

The time change is a biannual event. In France, the last Sunday in October marks the end of summer time. We set our clocks back an hour to switch to standard time. This simple time adjustment may seem trivial, but it has a significant impact on the light in our lives and the use of our lighting fixtures . In this article, we'll explore the effects of the time change on lighting and share some tips for how to best manage this transition.

The effect on natural light

With the time change in autumn, the days get shorter and the evenings get longer. This means that natural daylight will be less abundant. This can affect our well-being, mood and productivity. ALUMINOR lighting designers know this well and create designer lighting fixtures , some of which have a dimmer to adapt the quantity of light to the user's needs. The EDEN LED floor lamp and the TAMARA LT table lamp are, for example, ALUMINOR luminaires equipped with a light intensity dimmer.

Adapt lighting to compensate for lack of natural light

Lighting fixtures play a vital role in creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere during the winter months. With a few additional lights, installed judiciously, you can easily increase your interior lighting and compensate for the lack of natural light. A few table lamps like ESSENCE LT or LOLA , a floor lamp on the edge of the sofa for example, like TROPIC LS or WOODY LS and pretty pendant lights such as LINHA S , LOFT S or NIHOA S and presto, your spaces will find beautiful light to enjoy it pleasantly!

Make energy savings

The time change in winter means we get an extra hour of natural light in the morning but we have to turn the lights on earlier in the evening. This can have an impact on your energy consumption and your bill! This is the opportunity to choose lighting fixtures equipped with energy-saving LED modules, such as the LIB LED V floor lamp or the CAPSULE and LA PETITE LAMPE table lamps .

Choose the light color temperature of your lighting carefully

In winter, warmer light can create a cocooning atmosphere, comfortable and well suited to long evenings curled up on the sofa. The light color temperature of luminaires is expressed in Kelvin number. Choose lighting fixtures equipped with a light source with a Kelvin number between 2000 and 3500 Kelvin, such as the KITEL 79 or KITEL 89 floor lamps. The EDEN LED , MACAO and LIB LED V floor lamps are available with a 2700 Kelvin LED module.

The time change in France has a significant impact on brightness and the use of lighting in our lives. By understanding these effects, you can optimize your lighting, create a pleasant atmosphere and save energy. Find our lighting collections , our new products and our good deals and all our solutions for lighting adapted to each season.