How to choose a suspension?

The suspension sets the decorative tone and defines the luminous atmosphere of a room. It's usually the first light you turn on when you enter! The suspension provides general lighting to a room due to its height position. But how to choose it well? ALUMINOR gives you some tips.

Adapt the suspension to the dimensions of the room:

The shape of the room, its dimensions, its height under the ceiling are decisive for choosing a suitable suspension . To obtain an optimal result, here are some indications:
- for a room of less than 10 m², the diameter of the ideal suspension is between 30 and 40 cm.
- for a room ranging from 10 to 15 m², choose a suspension with a diameter between 40 and 45 cm.
- for a room of 15 to 20 m², opt for a suspension with a diameter between 45 and 50 cm.
- for rooms with an area greater than 20 m², a suspension of 60 cm in diameter will be well suited.
Finally, the suspension must not impede the movement of people. You may not be 1.90 meters tall, but avoid having your best friend from Nantes systematically banging his head in the suspension of your entrance!

The ideal suspension for an entrance:

By definition, the entrance is the first room that we discover in an interior. It sets the general tone of the decorative universe. Every detail must be taken care of and the choice of suspension is important. All styles are allowed. For example, in a good-sized entrance hall, the LASER pendant lamp will create a modern atmosphere with an assumed style. In a smaller starter, NASHI or MAROC will bring a delicate note. In addition, note that the suspension must be positioned at the right height: approximately 2.15 meters from the ground so as not to hinder circulation or the opening of room doors or cupboards. Almost all ALUMINOR suspensions have adjustable heights. Finally, we advise you to choose a rather warm white bulb (approximately 3000 kelvins) with sufficient intensity (approximately 250 lux) to obtain warm and flattering lighting .

In the living room, centerpiece suspension!

The trend is for large pendant lights in living rooms. Opting for a slightly oversized suspension will create a surprise effect and liven up the volume of your living room. A tip: shorten the wire to limit the impression of space clutter. Guaranteed effect! Cluster models, such as CASCADE for example, wonderfully occupy a space with a high ceiling.

Dining room table and suspension: a duo to master

The dining room table and the suspension must form a balanced duo to create a successful visual effect. Ideally, the footprint of the chosen suspension should be about 1/3 of the length of the table. Avoid choosing a very small suspension that will seem lost above a large table. Or, play the multiplication of identical suspensions ! BOTTLE or NORMA are perfect in this case.

In a kitchen, light above all!

In a kitchen, you need a lot of light . The suspension must provide overhead lighting . Metal bell suspensions such as the S2089 or NORMA , for example, are ideal. They are resistant and easy to clean and fit into all styles of kitchens. In terms of style, the current trend in the kitchen is really industrial metal suspension with a generous diameter. On the bar side, in the case of an open kitchen for example, the alignment of several identical suspensions is perfectly adapted and highlights this convivial space.VOLTIGE , NORMA , BOTTLE or BRASILIA will be perfect in this case.

Quietly in a bedroom

In a bedroom, light is adapted to its main functions: relaxation and sleep. We favor soft and subdued lighting and suspensions that hide the bulb or in fabric like SACHA S for example, which gently diffuse the light.

Each room has its ideal suspension. You choose !

You will certainly find the suspension adapted to your desires and your needs in our collection: