How do I properly light my kitchen?

The beautiful days are here and it's the perfect time to renovate your kitchen! For many of us, the kitchen is the living space in which we spend the most time. We develop nice and varied menus there, simmer good little dishes, sometimes supervise the manual activities or the children's homework while supervising a bechamel and of course, we share, with family or friends, delicious convivial moments. and often lively!

The kitchen must be a functional, comfortable, friendly and design space to be perfect. We generally carefully choose the furniture and appliances that make up our kitchen, but its lighting sometimes takes second place. However, it largely contributes to making our kitchen a pleasant and functional space that corresponds well to our lifestyle and our uses.

What is the role of lighting in a kitchen? What are the different types of lighting possible? We are going to enlighten you and give you some tips to make your kitchen a little corner of paradise!

In addition to the natural light in which your kitchen may be bathed, light fixtures are essential elements of comfort and conviviality.

For generous general lighting, the suspension, there is nothing better!

In a kitchen, the suspension will provide essential overhead lighting. We recommend that you choose a metal or glass suspension. Indeed, these materials are easy to maintain and wash and do not retain cooking odours. Metal pendant lights offer a wide range of styles depending on the finish chosen. The matte metal gives an industrial style to your kitchen. Discover our S2089 , NORMA or EPSILON suspensions: they will be perfect for the role! The colored or lacquered metal will bring a pop or bistro style to your kitchen. BRASILIA , BOTTLE , LOFT or DOME will then be perfect.

 A word of advice: in a kitchen, avoid fabric suspensions. They are more fragile and difficult to clean.

In a kitchen, you also need functional and precise lighting!

Very often, a suspension alone is not enough to provide the lighting adapted to all the activities carried out in a kitchen. Our own shadows can make it difficult to see on a work surface, for example, and in this case, be careful, accidents can happen quickly... To remedy this, it may be advisable to install sconces on the wall, above countertops or the sink, for example. In this case, the STAN wall lamp is well suited. The option of LED modules installed under wall units is also very effective. It is important to choose powerful and glare-free lights that will help you cook in a pleasant and safe way while avoiding straining your eyes.

Lighting to combine efficiency and user-friendliness

Kitchens incorporating islands, counters or bars are ideal scenes for lighting enthusiasts.

It is possible to install several identical or coordinated suspensions (such as BOTTLE , BRASILIA or LOFT for example) at the same level or offset or to choose a model with several floors (such as EPSILON or TRINITY for example. The height-adjustable luminaires are versatile and adapt to all needs.

In the case of an open kitchen with a bar, opt for an alignment of two or three identical suspensions: NORMA , LOFT , MAROC , BRASILIA , BOTTLE or BULLE will be perfect. This option is ultra trendy and has the advantage of bringing a good amount of lighting to this friendly space.

A well-lit kitchen is a room in which to live, work, cook, enjoy and share!