Bright ideas to apprehend the start of the new school year on the bright side

All good things come to an end…It's back to school and the end of summer.

Coming back from vacation and starting a new year is the perfect opportunity to take the time to review your organization and the layout of your workspace and those of the children.

The right time to rethink the layout:

For young and old alike, working in a setting that is both pleasant and functional helps to improve concentration and efficiency . A comfortable armchair adapted to its morphology and a sufficiently large worktop form the basis of a pleasant workspace. Adapted storage spaces allow you to work in an orderly space and thus keep your mind clear and concentration at the top!

But the determining factor for working in optimal conditions is light !

The key element, brightness:

Indeed, our health, our mood and our concentration depend enormously on the quality and quantity of light to which we are exposed.

Natural light is the best source of lighting. Therefore, if possible, set up workspaces ideally in front of or next to a window to take advantage of daylight . Consider positioning computer screens perpendicular to windows to avoid glare.

Rethink the lighting of your workspaces.

Well chosen, a luminaire considerably improves the visual comfort and the general atmosphere of a space. So choose the lights for your workspaces with great care.

Choosing the right lights for the spaces where you work:

The desk lamp should provide precise light without distorting colors or producing dazzling light. It must be able to direct the light exactly where you need it and therefore have several axes of rotation.

A minimum illumination of 500 lux on the work surface is generally recommended. However, some studies show that lighting levels above 1,000 lux contribute to a work atmosphere that is more conducive to concentration. The color temperature also plays an important role, with optimal values ​​around 4500 Kelvin.

Some desk lamps are now equipped with a system that allows the intensity and color temperature to be adjusted according to need.

Other lights offer circadian lighting (also called biodynamic). They reproduce the sunlight according to the time of day, the season and the location of the luminaires by varying the intensity as well as the color temperature of the light to adapt as best as possible to the biological rhythm. from the body.

Our BOB , EUREKA , ORBIT , SIGMA or STARGLASS desk lamps are equipped with technologies that allow you to adapt the quantity and quality of light to your needs depending on the time and the season.

Desk lamps and decorative lighting:

Discover all our lighting collections: desk lamps, floor lamps and decorative lamps : you will certainly find the lights that will suit your workspaces. And it's certain, they will almost make you appreciate the start of the new school year! 😉