Small or large jobs: it's time to change your lighting fixtures!

It's summer, you have a little time and it's decided, you start work. Whether it's a major renovation or just refreshing your decor, it's an excellent opportunity to rethink the lighting in your living spaces and make light and fixtures real decorative elements.

Lighting adapted to every room, for every use

Each room requires studying the lighting it needs. Depending on its orientation in relation to the sun, the size and number of windows, the activities carried out in the room, your desires...the number of lighting fixtures and the type of lighting fixtures varies significantly. To feel good in each space, it is crucial to choose the lighting fixture(s) suited to your desires and needs.

Identify the use you will make of each space. In a living room, you will not have the same lighting needs as in a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Remember that optimal and comfortable lighting promotes harmony and well-being. Choose your lighting fixtures as true elements of comfort and decoration.

A piece of advice valid for all rooms and all spaces: increase the number of light sources to obtain a warm atmosphere and avoid dark areas.

Combine different types of lighting

The main luminaire: it is intended to illuminate a room as a whole. It's the one you turn on first when you enter a room and which helps bring the room out of the darkness. This luminaire is very often a pendant light such as VOLTIGE , SACHA S , DOME , S2089 or LAUTAN S.

The ambient lighting: it helps to create the ambiance of the room, cozy, studious or soothing...A clever and harmonious choice of designer floor lamps , trendy table lamps or practical wall lights contributes to the creation of this ambiance. Color temperature (measured in Kelvin) and light intensity (measured in Lumen) also help create the atmosphere of the room. If you opt for KITEL 89 or EDEN LED floor lamps for example, you will have great light intensity.

A word of advice: favor warm lights in living rooms to create warm atmospheres.

Another tip: mix direct and indirect lighting.

Functional lighting fixtures: these are often direct, intense and precise lighting fixtures which provide maximum visual comfort and safety for carrying out specific activities such as cooking, sewing or DIY, for example. The HELIX 3 or COSMIX floor lamps , MEKANO LT or CALYPSA lamps are perfect for this.


* Lighting fixtures can judiciously highlight certain elements of your interior: furniture, paintings, works of art. The result can be stunning!

* Lighting fixtures and the lighting they diffuse can also be used to “divert attention” (hide a structural defect, for example) by highlighting part of the room and leaving the room a little in the shadows. flaw that we want to hide...

Our range of lighting is wide and varied.

Wooden lighting , metal lighting , lighting combining wood and metal, classic lighting, designer lighting ... you will find what you are looking for whatever your decoration style and your desires .

Take the time to discover our interior lighting and take advantage of the summer to make your interior a warm, bright, joyful nest in which you will have even more pleasure living!