Lighting and renovation, a winning duo!

Your renovation project is launched: congratulations and... courage! Whether after a purchase in the old, to reorganize a house or rethink its decoration, there may be several types of work to be carried out: heating, windows, painting, kitchen, bathroom, electricity...Be aware that a renovation is an excellent opportunity to optimize the lighting in your living spaces, while making light and luminaires real decorative elements.

What are the essential questions to ask when renovating the electrical diagram and interior lighting?

Suitable lighting for every place

Each place involves a specific lighting study depending on the orientation, the natural light available, the style and the period of construction...

Suitable lighting for every room

After having studied the place itself, its assets, its constraints, think about the use you will make of each space. In a living room, you will not have the same lighting needs as in a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Know that optimal and comfortable lighting, designed as a decorative element, promotes harmony and well-being.

A valid advice for all spaces: multiply the light sources to obtain a warm atmosphere and avoid dark areas.

Different types of lighting to combine cleverly

General lighting: it is intended to illuminate a room as a whole. It's the one you turn on first when you enter a room and which brings the room out of the dark. It is often provided by a suspension such as VOLTIGE , SACHA S , DOME , S2089 or LAUTAN S.

Ambient lighting: which contributes to defining the atmosphere of the room, cosy, studious, soothing… The choice of floor lamps, table lamps or wall lights contribute to the creation of this atmosphere. Color temperature (measured in Kelvin) and light intensity (measured in Lumen) also help define the atmosphere of the space. If you opt for KITEL 89 or EDEN LED floor lamps, for example, you will have a high light intensity.

A word of advice: favor warm lights in living rooms to create warm atmospheres.

Mixed lighting: it mixes direct and indirect lighting.

Functional lighting: this is often direct, intense and precise lighting which provides maximum visual comfort and safety for carrying out specific activities (cooking, work, sewing, DIY, etc.). HELIX 3 or COSMIX floor lamps, MEKANO LT or CALYPSA lamps are perfect for this.

ALUMINOR advice:

During a renovation, if lighting has been clearly identified as an important step, the temptation may be to want to do too much. And “too much” is like “not enough”! Multiplying spotlights, for example, can create an "aggressive" lighting atmosphere that is not very comfortable.

Be careful also when you absolutely want to place a light that you like but which does not correspond to the room concerned. It is better to choose luminaires that are well suited to the room, its functions, its decoration and in accordance with the desired lighting atmosphere.

We also advise you to think about using lighting to highlight elements of your interior: furniture, paintings, works of art. The result is often stunning!

You can also use lighting to "divert attention" (hide a structural defect, for example) by highlighting part of the room and leaving the desired defect a little in the shadows hide…No one is perfect!

Our range of lights is wide and varied. Take the time to discover our interior lighting and take advantage of the summer to make your interior a warm, bright, joyful nest in which you will have even more pleasure in living!