Back to school is a good time to rethink your workspaces

Want to prepare for the start of the school year to get off to a good start? It's time to review the layout of your work space and that of your children! Whether at home or in business, the layout of our workspaces plays a determining role in our well-being and our daily efficiency. So to approach this start of the school year and the return to work under the best possible conditions, here are some ALUMINOR tips for setting up work spaces:

A well-organized workspace:

It's so much more pleasant, more enjoyable and more efficient to work in an orderly environment! Working in a clean, well-organized space promotes concentration and allows you to stay calm: you can easily find what you need, you can keep your ideas clear and you save time! Bookcases, cupboards, boxes on wheels, lockers, cardboard boxes… There are many practical solutions for organizing, classifying, storing files, documents and office supplies and thus working in neat spaces.

Suitable furniture:

Today there is a varied range of ergonomic furniture to work in good conditions and protect against back pain, pain in the trapezius, sore wrist... The centerpiece is the armchair or chair Office. The ideal is to have your back straight against the backrest, your elbows at 90°, your forearms parallel to the ground and your feet flat.

A well-lit office:

Lighting has a big influence on our mood, well-being and performance at work. Light that is too weak or too intense causes headaches, disrupts our biological rhythm and generates fatigue and reduced concentration. While a well-lit workspace promotes concentration, motivation, efficiency and even satisfaction.

Natural light is the best source of lighting . Whether next to a window, a large bay window, under a skylight or behind a glass roof, natural light has positive effects on our body and mind and helps us express our full potential. Therefore, choose the location of your office (or those of your children) which will make the most of daylight . Be careful, however, of potential reflections on computer screens... However, the days are not always sunny and if you work early in the morning or late in the evening, you will need to use other light sources . An offset floor lamp , adjustable wall lights or a pretty table lamp can provide effective lighting and add a decorative touch to all work spaces. It is obvious that the desk lamp remains the most efficient and suitable light source for working.

A perfectly suited desk lamp:

The desk lamp should provide precise light without distorting colors or producing glaring light . It must also direct the light exactly where it is needed and have, for this purpose, several axes of rotation.

A minimum lighting of 500 lux on the work surface is generally recommended. However, some studies show that lighting levels above 1,000 lux contribute to a more pleasant working atmosphere that is more conducive to concentration. The color temperature of the light also plays a decisive role, with optimal values ​​being around 4500 kelvins .

Some desk lamps are now equipped with a system that allows you to adjust the intensity and color temperature according to your needs.

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