Portrait of the month: Franco, Storekeeper at ALUMINOR

My name is Franco. I was born in Nice. My parents are of Italian origin . I grew up in the Ariane district. I went to my neighborhood college. Then I joined the Pierre Sola high school. I trained as a locksmith-ironworker, which I completed with a year in aluminum carpentry. It's not really what I wanted to do at the base: I dreamed of becoming a bartender! But events decided otherwise...

Anyway, I finished my training on a Friday and started my first permanent job the following Monday morning! I worked for two years at Vétromécanique, a manufacturer of aluminum doors and windows. I worked cutting aluminum, assembling parts….

Then, I worked as a temporary worker for two years before returning to ALUMINOR in 1994.

Your career at ALUMINOR:

At ALUMINOR, I started in electrical assembly . Then I continued with the management of one then two warehouses. I managed stocks of lampshades, metal tubes, boxes...

Today, I manage the stores of ALUMINOR . I make the link between the needs of the workshops and the purchasing department. I control the quality of incoming deliveries . I also prepare the components needed to mount the lights that we manufacture in the ALUMINOR workshops. And finally, I give a helping hand to those who need it!

What do you like about your job:

I enjoy my job at ALUMINOR because I do different things every day. Not a day is like another! And then it moves ! I'm always on the move and I need that. Finally, we work as a team and I really like that. There are people in the team that I have known for 26 years! They have become friends . Jean-Philippe and Alexandre for example: they are the ones who introduced me to fishing and we often go fishing together.

What you are most proud of:

I am proud of my career, of my loyalty to the company for 26 years, of my ability to adapt. In 26 years, I have worked with very different people. You have to know how to adapt and work with everyone.

The 3 things that characterize you:

I like when things are " square “: take the time to do well so as not to have to go back on it.

I say things even if I also know how to cut corners when necessary.

I like to laugh while being a serious person.

What you like to do when you get home:

When I get home, a second day begins ! My priority is my family. To take care of my son, to telephone my mother…And then there are the chickens, the rabbits that need to be taken care of, the garden, the vegetable patch…the odd jobs around the house…And the petanque! It's one of my passions...along with Italian cuisine, nature...