Portrait of the month: Richard BARBETT, CEO of ALUMINOR

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Richard saw the potential of ALUMINOR, one of the last companies that creates and manufactures interior lighting in France , a company he bought in 2018.

The path traveled

“There is still a long way to go but I am proud of everything that we have been able to put in place despite a difficult context. Recruitment, anchoring in the local economic fabric, creation of solid partnerships with new customers and new suppliers, creation of a merchant website, commitment to ambitious CSR initiatives, definition of our Purpose and finally, the acquisition of our offices ! All this contributes to the writing of a new page of ALUMINOR's activity and we are really happy about it! »

Entrepreneurship, a passion

After having created and managed a company in the toy sector for 20 years, then accompanied various companies in their reorganization, Richard embarked on a new entrepreneurial adventure, in a sector just as exciting as those he had explored by the past: that of interior decoration .

The strengths of ALUMINOR

“The range of possibilities in the lighting sector is immense and ALUMINOR has many advantages: a dynamic and involved team, real know-how, a great story to tell and workshops in France! This allows us to be ultra reactive , close to our customers. This also gives us the possibility of creating tailor-made lighting for our customers, in particular architects, decorators or hoteliers. »

Richard and the ALUMINOR team have projects full of drawers: modernization of the production tool, eco-designed lighting , cooperation with designers, development of ALUMINOR internationally...

It is certain, Richard and his team are overflowing with enthusiasm and energy.

to make ALUMINOR a luminous company!