Our tips for successfully lighting your living room

We all want our living room to be welcoming and warm . Friendly room par excellence, we live moments of relaxation , sharing , with family or friends. It is a space for reception and regrouping of the family unit. The layout of our living room is often a reflection of our personality, that of our family. It must correspond to our desires and our needs.

Beyond the choice of furniture, their arrangement in space, rugs, curtains, trinkets and other decorative objects, the choice of lighting is decisive in creating the desired atmosphere and decoration .

Choose lights adapted to the size of your living room:

For a small living room, it is possible that a suspension and two table lamps are sufficient. Whereas if you have a large living room, it will be necessary to multiply the sources of lighting to create a pleasant and warm light atmosphere. A suspension in the center, one or two pretty floor lamps in the corners of the room facing the windows and beautiful table lamps to bring touches of light here and there will be a perfect decoration to create a joyful, soft and warm atmosphere.

In our collections, VOLTIGE pendant lights , TROPIC , SACHA or ESSENCE floor lamps and STORE lamps are ideal decorative and lighting elements for a living room. Choose a model of floor lamp like TRIO or DUO which have an integrated shelf to be positioned at the end of the sofa: super practical for putting down a cup of tea, an aperitif glass or your favorite book!

As far as table lamps are concerned, models such as QUATRO UP LT , MADISON , TRUMPET or TOTEM will find their place perfectly on a chest of drawers or a table. They will bring a soft light and will highlight your furniture and your decorative objects.

Is your kitchen open to the living room? And if you demarcate the spaces by installing several identical suspensions , above a bar for example? It's very trendy and it makes it possible to connect the kitchen area to the living area with the same decorative element, the same light unit which illuminates the two spaces simultaneously. Our BRASILIA , LOFT or BOTTLE suspensions are perfect for this.

Want a coordinated decoration?

For perfect harmony, you can choose coordinated lights . ALUMINOR declines some of its collections in floor lamps , table lamps , suspensions and wall lamps .

Choose from the ESSENCE , MEMPHIS , MIKADO , SACHA , TOTEM or ZAZOU collections. You are sure to find the coordinated lights that will happily match the decoration of your living room.

The ideal bulb:

It will necessarily be LED because it is energy efficient. For a living room, we prefer light sources with low Kelvins: they diffuse a warm light conducive to relaxation.

The number of Lumens indicates the amount of light provided by the bulb. We recommend that you choose bulbs with a high number of Lumens for floor lamps and pendant lamps and bulbs with a lower number of Lumens for table lamps .

As you have understood, the lights occupy a central place in the decoration of your living room so that it is pleasant, welcoming and warm. Choose them carefully to make your living room a real little cocoon!

The ALUMINOR team is at your disposal to advise you!