Telecommuting and lighting, advice from ALUMINOR

In this very special period of health crisis and confinement, many of us are teleworking. Arranging a comfortable space at home to work efficiently is not always easy. An ergonomic chair, a sufficiently large table and good lighting are nevertheless essential. Lighting has a big influence on our mood, well-being and performance at work. A light that is too weak or too intense causes headaches, disrupts our biological rhythm and generates fatigue and loss of concentration.

Conversely, a well-lit workspace promotes concentration, motivation, efficiency and even satisfaction.

Natural light is the best source of lighting. Therefore, if possible, install your desk in front of or next to a window to take advantage of daylight while avoiding potential reflections on your screen. The days aren't always sunny, however, and if you're working early in the morning or late at night, you'll need to use a secondary light source .

How to choose the right desk lamp?

The desk lamp should provide precise light without distorting colors or producing dazzling light. It must also direct the light exactly where it is needed and have several axes of rotation for this purpose.

A minimum illumination of 500 lux on the work surface is generally recommended. However, some studies show that lighting levels above 1,000 lux contribute to a more pleasant working atmosphere that is more conducive to concentration. The color temperature also plays a decisive role, with optimal values ​​around 4500 Kelvin.

Some desk lamps are now equipped with a system that allows you to adjust the intensity and color temperature according to your needs.

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