What exactly is a Lumen?

The Lumen is the unit that measures the intensity of lighting, like the kilo measures weight or the meter measures height. To put it simply, Lumen measures the total amount of light emitted by a source: this is called brightness.

What is the difference between Lumens and Watts?

Many people still think that Watts measure the intensity of lighting, imagining that the higher the number of Watts, the greater the quantity of light emitted. But that's incorrect. Watts measure the amount of energy consumed by the light source, usually a light bulb, and not the amount of light emitted by that light source.

For example, an LED bulb will produce as much light (measured in Lumens) as an incandescent bulb, but will consume less energy (measured in Watts). Therefore, if you want to know how much light a bulb will emit, check the number of Lumens.

What are Lumens for?

Lumens also make it possible to easily compare the light output of different light sources, for example bulbs of different techniques, that is to say the ratio between the number of Lumens produced and the number of Watts consumed: Lumen/Watt. The higher this lm/W ratio, the better the efficiency of the light source (light fixture or bulb).

With the widespread use of LED bulbs (very economical in energy consumed), Lumens are now displayed more clearly on packaging.

A word of advice : get into the habit of locating and comparing them before purchasing your luminaire with an integrated light source or your bulb.

Remember: a bulb or any other light source that consumes a lot of Watts will not necessarily produce high light intensity.

What is the purpose of identifying Lumens?

Identifying the number of Lumens emitted by a light fixture or bulb will allow you to choose the intensity of your lighting source according to your desires and needs.

Ambient lighting in a living room, more energizing lighting in a kitchen, high brightness in the bathroom and a dimmable lamp on the bedside table... By choosing the number of Lumens of your light or bulb , you can adapt the intensity of the lighting according to your activities and create the atmosphere you want in each room of your house.

To give you a few examples, here are some of the light intensities of our lighting fixtures:

Street lamps: EDEN LED produces 3712 Lumens, KITEL79 : 3000 Lumens, LED LIB : 3712 Lumens, METEORE : 3x1150 Lumens, CLICK : 2x500 Lumens

Table lamps: CAPSULE provides 230 Lumens, The little Lamp : 300 Lumens, LUXI : 575 Lumens

Desk lamps: BOB provides 600 Lumens, LORA : 575 Lumens, SIGMA : 650 Lumens, STARGLASS : 500 Lumens, SWINGO : 575 Lumens

Suspensions: LINHA provides 1230 Lumens, EPSILON : 3600 Lumens, TRINITY : 2900 Lumens

Wall lights: OMEGA provides 500 Lumens, SNAKE : 130 Lumens

Now it's up to you to play and choose your lighting according to your needs and the atmosphere you want to create!

And if you have any questions, contact us: contact@aluminor.fr we will be happy to answer them and support you in your choices!